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“I got a pizza here for the first time and I have to say it was fantastic.

The pizza dough was perfectly baked in the wood oven, crispy and soft at the same time, and the dough taste just like pizzas from Italy. The pizza was a very large size for a regular one. The Toppings were generous and made with the best ingredients.

The only thing that bothered me was this aioli sauce, because of its intense taste it overshadowed that of the topping, which was a real shame. but that is a matter of individual taste, someone else might not want to do without it under any circumstances.

Absolutely recommendable Pizzeria.”

Leen H. (Google review)

“Since I found out about the pizza lounge they have become my favourite pizzeria. Very friendly staff, pizzas are always cooked beautifully and the atmosphere it’s just great. 🤗”

Jan Mata (Facebook review)

“Good place. They have wide variety of vegetarian options and they are quite good in taste. The vege#1 is awesome but if you don’t like artichoke then try vego. Korma curry pizza is also good (comes with lots of leafy vegetables), add chillies if you like it spicy.”

Raj Joshi (Google review)

Weekly specials at The Pizza Lounge

“Small but very busy little place. The young men knew there pizza. The crust was crispy and toppings were fantastic. Another little authentic place for great pizza without the frills of the bigger eateries, but they kick the others butts hands down winner. Grazie mille per cena. Baci”

Arianna Medici (Google review)

“I’m not usually able to eat a whole small pizza by myself but just one taste of the Zesty Prawn pizza and I couldn’t stop eating, without a doubt the best pizza I’ve ever had. A great night out with friends, Nellie and Pado.”

Dorian Bennett (Facebook review)

“I ordered online and it was done by the time I got there, the guys in there tonight were amazing! The pizza is very yummy!!”

Oscar Boudreau (Facebook review)

Specials at The Pizza Lounge

“Unintentional stop, had parked up to go to the butcher, had always wanted to try here but hadn’t been open when I had the urge in the past. So glad I tried, easily the best pizza I’ve had since returning to WA. Had the large inferno and was going to take it home, but changed my mind last minute and had half (62.5%) of it outside with a can of colonial pale ale. Base was amazing, meat was great and had just the right amount of kick for me (I like it spicy). I will be back.”

Alan Law (Google review)

“Good food and service. I especially enjoyed the Margherita pizza with tomatoes on it – so juicy and refreshing. Staff were friendly and helpful (they lent an Uber delivery guy bags for 8 pizzas that he couldn’t fit in his bag and also bringing the pizzas out to his vehicle). Although it seemed like there were many pizzas that were being prepared for take away/delivery, our food got to our table quickly. This is not common in a few other eateries I’ve been to. We will definitely return for more pizzas when we’re in the area.”

Sumee Mee (Google review)

“We had the mobile pizza oven come to our event! Delicious pizza options were available catering for the kids and the adults. The staff were really personable and helpful, love buying pizza from real Italians! Very authentic and enjoyed by all. Thanks so much team for enduring the elements it was great to have you as part of our event!”

Ainslie Wilkie (Facebook review)

“This Swanbourne pizza shop makes the best woodfire pizza, and the pasta is also on the top of our list. The staff are friendly with great service.

Tonight was fresh out, so we chose to sit inside with the restaurant heated by the large pizza oven.
It’s nice to have local eateries.

Takeaways are extremely popular too. Parking is easy with ample parking right outside.

Thank you.”

Andrew & Co (Google review)

“Fantastic food and friendly service. Love a woodfire restaurant where you can see the oven in action. My meal was primo! Definitely Perth’s premier pizza place 👍”

Jason Chaplin (Google review)

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